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Missing Records Identification Services

A Medical Chronology is a distinctive documentation of medical We furnish a comprehensive inventory detailing absent records, encompassing dates, providers, record types, and their significance to case analysis. Upon request, we extend complimentary services to identify missing records and assist in their retrieval for all our clients.arranged chronologically. It entails meticulous examination of extensive medical records to discern, locate, assess, and interpret pertinent information. We condense and emphasize legally and medically significant aspects, serving as crucial tools throughout different phases of the case discovery process. As part of our standard provision for medical chronology services, these identification services are typically provided without any additional charges.

Analyzing documents involves capturing essential details such as provider name, date of service, next appointment, medical bills, and identifying any gaps in treatment, all of which are cross-referenced with the provided records. Additionally, we conduct searches to identify documents relevant to the specific case type, for instance, autopsy records in cases related to fatalities.

We send an elaborate Medical Chronology compilation of records to be retrieved, outlining dates, providers, record types, and their significance in case analysis. As a complimentary service, the report is included with your Chronologies, Mass Tort Evaluations, and Medical Opinions.

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