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PDF Sorting and Merging Services

Our expertise lies in organizing medical records by chronological order (date-wise), provider, and service types. Additionally, we offer personalized sorting of medical records to align with your specific preferences. We adeptly arrange disordered medical records in alignment with your preferences. Our specialization involves categorizing medical records based on the occurrence date, provider, and service type. Further, we offer the flexibility to tailor the sorting of medical records to meet your specific requirements.

Pagination is applied to the records, accompanied by the creation of a comprehensive index in PDF format. Any duplicated records are systematically eliminated, ensuring a streamlined document set. We guarantee a swift turnaround time. The pricing for 500 pages of medical records is approximately $25, equivalent to one hour of service.  Medical Chronology

Types of PDF Sorting:

  1. Provider wise Sorting: The records are organized based on the respective providers, such as Provider A and Provider B.
  2. Chronological Sorting : The comprehensive compilation of medical records is arranged chronologically, without consideration for the specific providers involved.
  3. Record wise Sorting: Every medical record will be consolidated and systematically categorized by record type, encompassing nursing notes, discharge summaries, wound assessment records, and other relevant categories.

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Personal injury Report

PDF Sorting and Merging Sample