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Only $25 per hour for Narrative Summary Services

Sequenced in chronological order, our narrative summaries meticulously capture and emphasize pivotal events shaping the trajectory of a case. These encompass diagnostic procedures, office visits, consultations, therapy sessions, and other relevant medical records. Our case narration serves as a valuable tool, facilitating a clearer understanding for a jury not well-versed in medical terminology, acronyms, or symbols. This aids them in comprehending extensive information that may otherwise be challenging to examine and understand.

A Medical Chronology serves as a comprehensive account of medical events arranged chronologically. The process encompasses sifting through numerous pages of medical records to discern, pinpoint, evaluate, and interpret pertinent information. We succinctly outline and emphasize legally and medically significant details, acting as pivotal tools during diverse phases of the case discovery process. The end result is a detailed text-based summary of medical records presented in chronological order, facilitating a swift and efficient understanding of the sequence of events. Medical Chronology Template

Concentrated, succinct, and accurate Objective, grounded in facts, and enlightening Readily understandable and interpretable Tailorable to meet your requirements Detects and communicates missing records Supplementary reports spotlighting specific interests like Pain charts, Lab reports, etc.

Arrange and categorize medical records chronologically while eliminating duplicative entries. Emphasize key points in medical evidence. Present concise details of treatment, including dates, procedures, and outcomes. Detect noteworthy gaps in medical records and healthcare providers. Incorporate the supplementary records into the current medical chronologies, along with the inclusion of specially prepared reports.

information from previous case records would be documented as necessary to validate the patient’s condition after an injury or to highlight the increased effect on any pre-existing conditions The meticulous organization, sequential numbering, and evaluation by medical professionals occur at a rate of $25 per hour. A coherent summary of medical records is then presented in chronological order, facilitating swift and effortless review of the sequence of events.

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The comprehensive summary (Narrative Summary) will focus on detailing every injury sustained due to the incident, including the exacerbation of pre-existing injuries resulting from the accident. Brief descriptions of pertinent pre-existing conditions relevant to the case will be provided. Typically, our narrative summaries exclude routine findings, although they may be incorporated if deemed necessary for the case. Our case narration serves the purpose of enhancing the comprehension of extensive records, which might pose challenges for a jury unfamiliar with the medical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols prevalent in medical documentation.

Arranged in a systematic chronological sequence, our narrative synopses skillfully capture and underscore every pivotal occurrence that molds the course of a case. This encompasses a spectrum of elements, including diagnostic procedures, visits to medical offices, consultations, therapy sessions, and assorted pertinent medical records. By employing our case narration methodology, our objective is to foster a more lucid comprehension for a jury not well-versed in the nuances of medical terminology, acronyms, or symbols. This approach empowers them to navigate through extensive and intricate information that might otherwise pose challenges in terms of dissection and understanding.

Faq (Frequently Asked Questions) ?

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1. What is the cost associated with obtaining a narrative summary from your services?

Our standard rate for narrative summary services is $25 per hour.

2. Which individual bears the responsibility for crafting the medical narrative summary?

These are formulated by seasoned and qualified healthcare experts.

3. In what ways does your service for medical chronology aid attorneys?

Sorting through vast volumes of individual medical records can prove to be a time-intensive endeavor for attorneys juggling multiple cases simultaneously. Yet, with the support of an exceptional medical chronology, they can efficiently gain a lucid and organized insight into the plaintiff’s medical history. This includes details such as the nature and severity of the injury, the events surrounding the plaintiff, the medical interventions undertaken, and the subsequent outcomes of those treatments.

4. Is your team capable of creating a medical record chronology accompanied by a billing ledger, as we require?

Is your team capable of generating a medical record chronology along with a billing ledger, as we require?