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Elements of Medical Chronology reports 

Medical Chronology reports

In preparing the medical chronology report, the medical and legal jargon is deciphered and replaced with easily understandable terms. Expert medical chronology review services can help you create perfect reports that assist the legal team in acquiring the claim. The basic elements that are required in the chronological medical report are,

  • Date and time of Injury.
  • Cause of the Injury.
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment are provided along with the date.
  • Medical history of the patient.
  • A detailed treatment plan that includes diagnostic reports, prescriptions, and referrals.
  • Prognosis of the client and their likelihood of recovery.
  • Permanent impairment and future medical needs.
  • Information regarding past and unrelated medical treatment.
  • Deciphering notes of physicians and nurses.
  • Definition of all the medical terms included in the medical summary book for quick reference.

Steps Involved in Preparing the Report:

The report is prepared by experts who render medical chronology services. While preparing these reports, it is important to follow certain methods to help the attorneys win their claims. Medical chronologists follow the steps in preparing this report. Personal injury medical chronology

1. Promptness:

The first and the most crucial report in preparing a legal medical chronology report is to get it ready on time. The report should be full of facts, focusing on minute details. No important data should be missed, and information should be termed unimportant.

2. Acquiring all important details:

The most optimal way to prepare a medical case chronology report is to collect all vital information by interviewing the client. It is important to speak to the client to extract all important information. The experts will identify the healthcare provider and request their medical records.

3. Bates Numbering:

The medical chronology experts will start numbering the pages in the records. Every page in the medical record will be numbered for the identification of data for future trials. It is important to make sure that no data is missed.

4. List all important facts:

The next step in preparing the report is thoroughly reviewing all the records. Every medical document is assessed, and all important information is jotted down through Bates Numbering. By following this process, the data will be documented in chronological order. Experts will list the information missing in the medical records, report documentation errors, and highlight medical record tampering details. The experts will ensure that all information in the records is reproduced in the chronology report, so the case gets processed in the trial.

5. Fact inclusion and evaluation:

While preparing the report for litigations such as Personal Injury, torts, etc., it is mandatory to include all relevant information. Even facts that seem to have no consequence are to be added. Every fact listed in the report should be evaluated for its validity and relevance. 

The chronology report lists legitimate facts that comprise the name and date of the provider, the time of treatment, important facts related to the case, and hyperlinks to navigate the medical records. These are some of the important factors to be considered by the medical chronologist while preparing the medical chronology report for claims settlement. 

Sample Medical Chronology reports:
Submit Case:

Accurate and concise chronology reports will be prepared subjectively, providing all important facts in a detectable format. While preparing this report, it is important to include bookmarking, medical synopsis, duplicate record extraction, hotlinks, and hyperlinks, etc., to win the litigation easily. 

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